whats your position on climate change?

June 25, 2007 2:54pm CST
Climate seems to be on everyones mind. What do you think about all this? and what are you doing to help the earth from buring to a crisp?
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• United States
25 Jun 07
I dont think that much about global warming actually. I try to do my best to recycle and things like that, but Im not going to trade my car in and ride a bike to work. I don't think that global warming will be a major problem by the time I die. In other words, we will have found a solution to global warming, or moved to another planet by then. I am more worried about the depletion of earth's natural resources. If we run out of oil, we are going to be screwed as a planet. I am also more worried about things like nuclear war in which no one wins, except the cockroaches. Cheers
• Canada
25 Jun 07
Your right about the oil thing. I think that once the oil runs out seeing how its a non-renwable resource, it going to go back to the horse and buggy days. Thats when things are going to get better, no oil, no cars, which means no emmissions. Back long ago their were more family values and everyone was self-sufficient. I think those were the perfect days when everyone was just content and not greedy like now.... but thats just me. everone has their own liking I guess. Things are probably going to worse before they get better.
• United States
26 Jun 07
Yeah I actually agree with that. I think it would be so cool to live in a time with no internet and things like that. No cell phones, cars, anything. People would be forced to do things themselves instead of relying on other people to do it. Maybe I should become Amish lol.