When the mercury in all the vaccines affect our bodies....

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June 25, 2007 3:47pm CST
Will you then believe me when I say it is not wise to trust your doctor's when they say, "Oh, all the mercury is out of the vaccines and so is the Thermisol."? Or, will you be proactive like me and dissent against the political machine ready, willing and able to destroy our minds, bodies and spirits?
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25 Jun 07
This is another one of them touchy issues for me. In part I agree with you and in part I dont. I believe certain vaccines serve a purpose in erradicating terrible disesases such as polio, mumps, measles, whooping cough and so on. However I have a big problem with all these new vaccines they are trying to push on children, such as prevnar and gardisil just to name a few. My children have never taken prevnar nor will they, and I have no intentions of giving my daughter gardisil even if they tell me it is required for school or whatever crap they feed me.
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15 Oct 07
Oh yes, this gardisil vaccine is a big No No in my book. Never heard of prevnar. What is this supposed to "protect" us against? My twins will be 2 next month and they have not received their MMR shots, but when they were born preemies, at two weeks old, still preemies in the NICU, they were given a Hep B shot. I do not even recall approving this injection. They have had the Hib several times and chicken pox and some other shots, but I will not give my girls the MMR. They are very healthy, strong (willed) and able to verbalize (baby talk and lots of words, almost sentences). It would be a big shame of on me if I were to jepordize their livlihood just for me allowing them to be injected with poison. Good for you, get a wavier form online at: http://www.vaccinetruth.net/exempt/california.htm#letters If you do not live in CA, see if you can find the letters in your state. Good Luck!!