Humans should be different from other animals?

@Katagiri (426)
June 25, 2007 8:24pm CST
You know... today women are strange... they're hunting men like men did with us before. Couples behave like rabbits on public areas. Once my art teacher told that she hates more women that do that than men because men are animals by nature but now women are behaving as animals as well. That's why I can't find a good guy for me, they all thing, specially about women my age (30's), that we are animals now and just want to copulate. A lot of women are like that. The problem is that they let our good name to be dirty. I'm getting sick of that! I just don't go out at night because I'm afraid that some random guy tries to grab me and kiss me, I could start a fight, or that some other random guy beats me because I don't want him. That's very common here in Brazil. I hope other Countries are not like that... The mentality is, "Either you become a b*tch or you'll be a b*tch", let's me explain... if a woman acts like a b*tch it's OK, she's normal. If she not acts like one, people just call her b*tch... When a guy called me that because I behave myself I told him "When I was little to be a b*tch was to act the other way around". Inverted values?
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• United States
26 Jun 07
Hmm.. this discussion seems to be all over the place. Not sure If I'm understanding it correctly. But anyway.. I agree that humans are different from animals therefore should act differently, but that isn't only geared towards women. Men are not animals and just because mostly men commit crimes, doesn't mean that they are. I think BOTH women and men should behave equally. A guy doesn't have the right to beat a girl, and a girl doesn't have to degrade herself to be accepted by any man. Do you get me? It's sad if this is what you see in Brazil, but just because there's a lot of bad and immoral people in the world doesn't mean they are animals. They're actions, are beastly - but they themselves are not. They have a mind and they are able to reason. Animals don't have that luxury.
@Katagiri (426)
• Brazil
26 Jun 07
I understand your point, Melody. It's very nice the way you think. Maybe humanity is not hopeless with people like you.