Distinctive kinds of learning

June 25, 2007 9:12pm CST
life long learning encompasses a wide range of learning trajectories, mainly formal and informal learning. formal learning is well recognised as people go to educatoinal institutions and committing a certain period of time to fulfil these enterprises; informal learning mainly aquired through reading, conversation, films or at workplace etc. This is where people fundamentally aquire new knowledge, skills and competence from and all that jazz. Through learning, people may build a higher self-esteem and improved earnings and productivity, their position in the labour market in other words. It bestows people an extraordinary oppurtunity to seize as their acculated knowledge and skills will be useful for certain projects or long-term plan of a firm, therefore they'd promote these competent work force as a treasure of the company assets, and that is where the employers reap their benefits from! i bet most of us incline to learn things instead of lark about without a specific goal or meaning of the puny existence?
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