How many AGLOCO hours do you have accumulated so far???

United States
June 25, 2007 10:46pm CST
I have about 30 hours from my downline and 5 of my own hours accumulated so far this month. How many hours do you have? I really wonder how much they will pay per hour and when they will start to pay. I am really excited for AGLOCO as its going to be huge!! If you haven't signed up yet please use my link, Its FREE so you have nothing to lose!
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@semodders (457)
27 Jun 07
I am not willing to try this because i am hearing from aglococ users that they are not bieng paid and the toolbar is giving them alot popup windows in other words called spyware so i realy think this site could get it self in to the scam list unless they start paying in the cumming months or so, so i am keep checking for updates in the site and from users. Also check this site out it is an autosurf site enjoy!!
• Brazil
14 Jul 07
First, thanks for you invitation to join mylot, Jermboy. Thanks to your link I was able to join this wonderful program. =) I have downloaded the agloco too, but im still quite new there. Does anyone knows how and when they will pay us? I dont know... it seems like scam to me, since there are lack of informations like this. Thanks!
@myaglo (109)
• Indonesia
27 Jun 07
i got 146 hours from my downline, actually there are 1240 member in my network maybe some are still not using the viewbar yet or some are already forgot, lol anyway let see how this hours become money
• Australia
27 Jun 07
Hey there.. I only have 5 of my own hours and 5 in referrals.. I have lots of members but i think with the lag time it has taken to release the viewbar my members have become dis interested and have not returned to download the viewbar! Is there anyway that I can find out who my referrals are so that I can remind them to download the viewbar and start earning...?