Worst of Bollywood

@Jessem (372)
June 26, 2007 8:31am CST
What according to you is the worst film you have ever watched? It was a real waste of time and money!Who is the worst actor in Bollywood?
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@Malyck (3428)
• Australia
15 Aug 07
Funnily enough, the worst Bollywood film I've ever encountered was titled "King of Bollywood". It was supposed to be a comedy, and have a fairly high budget, but it turned out to be flat, and fairly dismal to be honest. Rating: Half a star if it was lucky. malyck.
@abas52 (67)
• India
9 Sep 07
the worst movie i have ever watched was aag..i nearly cried in theatre when the movie was in progress..in english it was the south korean movie the host...you wont even know where the movie story is heading
@ineedya (26)
• United States
27 Jun 07
the worst film in hollywood is bug that move was so bad i asked for my money back on that one i have never done that in my life thats how badd it was the next wortss is the grude that move was bad to but i didnt ask for my money back. at leastt it hadd a point these to movies tack the cake on being the wost movies ever made.
@Jessem (372)
• Mauritius
28 Jun 07
Thnx for the warning!
@rappon (4)
• Argentina
26 Jun 07
well I think that the worst film i have ever watched is Troy I think it was too bad
@Jessem (372)
• Mauritius
27 Jun 07
Was this a bollywoodian film? anywazs thnx i'll never watch Troy if its so bad
• India
25 Jul 07
copying hollywood