career or high paying job?

career - choosing the right path
June 26, 2007 9:14am CST
what will you choose, a high paying job or an average paying job that will help your career grow? many of us now think practically when it comes to job. they accept any work, eventhough not related to their course, as long as it can give a high salary. they sacrifice their career just to have a higher paying job. what do you think is the right to choose?
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@trk918 (254)
• United States
26 Jun 07
Depends on your situation. I worked for years on my career only to have problems with my hands so I could no longer work at that type of job. Now I have a job that pays ok but the benefits & the boss suck. I make too much to move on but being a single parent I can't afford a pay cut. You really have to decide which is most important & go for it.
@eashoor (307)
• Canada
26 Jun 07
In this day an age many of us will settle for a job to secure a pay check. That is the sad but unfortunate and realistic truth. I thought I was in the right career path by being a doctor but the endless study and hectic shifts and lack of human rights as a medical resident have left me thinking otherwhise. It is hard to have your cake and eat it too and few people are willing to sacrifice a good paying job they hate for a career they love only to have to start from ground zero. It was hard for me to quit the ultra high paying medical field. But my sanity was worth it I thought. I had to struggle alot to reach a point of somewhat satisfaction with another path besides medicine. But every one around me seems to think I have gone mad and have resorted to calling me things like selfish and a failure. Life is tough and too many times we as humans bring to life the vision of others and not our own... Confessions of an X-medical resident