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August 3, 2006 11:25pm CST
I recently moved out of my apartment with D.W. Jones Management. I saw an add in the paper for a townhouse also under D.W. Jones Management. I talked to my landlord and he had told me that there was a gal moving out at the end of June and this was somewhere in the middle of April. I put an application in for this other unit and called several times wondering if I should put my 2 month notice in but they would not give me a straight answer and told me I would be put on a waiting list every time I asked. So, finally a few days before June 1st the lady from D.W. Jones calls and says we can move into this other place. I was given a few days notice when they knew this whole time that she was moving out June 1st. She said that we would be responsible for both places unless they found someone else to rent my apartment, so I told her no, that I could not afford to rent 2 places as I just had a baby and was hospitalized after that with 2 pulminary embolizems. There was just absolutely no way I could afford it. So she agreed that we could stay in that apartment and would not have to pay rent for the townhouses and they would keep looking for another tenent to rent mine. She called us up and said that the paper work was all ready and that we could move into the other place and that they would prorate the rent for this new place because we had already paid rent at the old apartment and we moved into the new place in the middle of June, that made sense to me that we should have to pay for the new place also for the days that we would be in there. So we were told to be out by the 1st of July and we hurried as fast as we could getting our stuff transfered over to the other place and getting it cleaned. Now the other day I recieved a notice in the mail saying that we owed $485.00 for the other apartment that we were no longer in, and were told to be out of. Basically I feel like they have a scam going, because they could have told me to put my 2 month notice in well before May. Instead they waited for a few days before the other girl moved out. Shouldn't I as a tenant also be given a proper notice as well when they knew long before June 1st. This is very frustrating, I hope someone can answer my questions.
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4 Aug 06
Legally, since you did not give 30 days notice, you would be responsilbe for the full June rent on your first property since you did not terminate you lease properly anmd you could be liable for rent until they rented your old place. When you rec'd notice on June 1 that you could move into the new place prior to July 1, you should have given 30 days notice paid full month of June at your old place and paid your prorated rent at you new place or not moved into the new place until closer to July 1. The notice you received, was that for rent or was that for damages on the property? Did you make the agreement to not pay on both townhomes with both managers or just one? I would get something in writing from your current manager stating that you were released form liability of paying on two townhome and send a copy registered mail to your old complex. This may get you out of paying for the rent. I have a feeling that you property management company is like the one I rent from. There is a huge company that owns apartment all over the area, but each property is managed by different people (even if they ar ein the same complex). So if I made an agreement with a new complex owned by the property management group but not manage by the same personnel, I would have to get both parties in agreement. The ony things that our complex allows is transfer of deposit from one property to the next and if they find you damaged the property you may still owe money.