Emperor=Black Metal Gods?

United States
June 26, 2007 10:02am CST
Is Emperor perhaps the best black metal band out there? If so why? What is your favorite album?
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• Germany
10 Aug 07
no.dimmu borgir is.emperor-a good band,and that's about it...
• Norway
13 Sep 07
Dimmu Borgir is a very polished band and in no way pure Black Metal. They're very good at doing the whole melodic and catchy black metal thing, but it's a completely different thing from Emperor.
• Kolkata, India
22 Sep 15
there are a lot of bands that can be considered as "GOD"...but it cannot be specified by any specific band..i like emperor definitely...but is also like gorgoroth,immortal,darkthrone. but its really hard to consider which one of them is god. but in my opinion In the nightside eclipse is the best album...\m/
• United States
15 May 12
They are one of the Norwegian black metal gods I personally prefer the French second wave though like vlad tepes.
• Indonesia
29 Mar 12
Emperor? I rarely listen to their songs. When I was little album "Anthems to the welkin at Dusk 'is what I like from the Emperor .. Until now, even I still love it.. :)
• United States
26 Jun 07
Well, my personal favorite black metal band is Summoning, but Emperor is definitely a great band and important to the black metal genre. In the Nightside Eclipse is probably one of the best black metal albums ever (though my personal favorites from them are Anthems and Prometheus).