phone love

June 26, 2007 12:01pm CST
A Girl have a very good boyfriend, they don't meet the time and then make a call or send messages made, one night, boy was missing girl, fighting in the past has turned off, because the girl have sleeping.The next day ,the boys to the girl said:"don't turn off the machine at night,is it good? "since then ,the girl begin another kind of habit ,not off the whole night, Because of fear he would call themselves asleep and didn't hear, girl evenings are alert to the fact that they wer wasting day.However,slowly, between two people or have cracks. Girl want to restore that breaking up the temporary situation, in a night for the boys phoned Lane, Her answer is a very good listen to the show: sorry, you have dialed phones have been turned off. So girl know that the love she has been turned off. After a long time, girl had another love,In the hearts of girl or boys would think of that and that the shutdown of the night. Girl or not maintained throughout the night off the habit, but it would no longer look forward to mind. One night, and the girl acute panic among the wish to ut the phone to parents of boys to transfer there, the boy already sleeped,but he still drive Later, the girl asked:"why not turnoff the machine the night?"boy:"I am afraid at night you can't find anything i would get alarmed." girl eventually married boy.
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