The birds!! It's like a freakin' Hitchcock film at my house right now. Help!

@mmiller26 (1932)
June 26, 2007 12:12pm CST
Some birds have taken up residence in my landlord's shed, which is right next to my house. The birds have a nest in the shed and have become very territorial about the yard. If my husband or I go outside, the birds start freaking out and flying AT US. I just went out to the road to check the mail box, and two birds came perilously close to pulling a kamikaze on my head. I'm afraid to let my son go out and play because they might attack him. So, short of taking a shovel outside with me every time I go out (which is tempting) or destroying the nest to make them move, what do I do? My landlord is out of the country for the next week or so, so I can't talk to him about it.
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@kgwat70 (13396)
• United States
28 Jun 07
What kind of birds are they that are living in the landlords shed? I would not do anything if the nest is in his shed since the shed is his property. Does he or she know about the birds nest in there? Maybe you can call the SPCA or other animal control place to see if they can do something about that nest in his shed. When I put bird food into my bird feeder a couple of Robins came flying over my head but I think it was only to see what was going into the feeder. Some birds are territorial from what I hear, especially Bluejays.
@mmiller26 (1932)
• Canada
28 Jun 07
thanks for responding. I'm not sure exactly what kind of birds they are. They're black and small. They're not robins. I'm not much for identifying birds unless it's really obvious what they are. Every time we go outside, they fly up and sit on the overhead wires and shriek at us, and if we start walking around, they dive at our heads and get really, really close before swooping away. We share the shed with our landlord--he gets one side and we get the other. I'm not sure which side of the shed the nest is in and lately I'm afraid to go in there to check it out. My landlord is due to come home from Italy any day now, so when he gets back I'll ask him what to do, I guess.