June 26, 2007 8:26pm CST
I am not a great fan of wrestling but I must admit when they got into this scenerio of limos exploding I like millons of others tuned in. Much to the surprise of millons last night before Raw was on when I tuned into of course I found Benoits death. With upkeeping on top I checked the site just 20 mins ago to find that they have now confirmed that it was a double murder suicide. Benoits wife it says was tied and bound and strangled to death!! What has me wondering now is did the wretlers know that mcmahons death was a cherade??Are these horrific acts at all connected to this farce??Everything IU watched so far tells me what a loving ,devoted father and husband Chris was so what on earth would make him do such a thing??I think that it is connected with the farce that wa to bethe showstopper of Vice being blown to bits. I hope I'm wrong because I know I would not want to be any part of that guilt in any way shape or form. It is a sad day for Chris Benoits fans but a sadder day for his freinds and family Rumours are flying already about steroids and drugs I think people need to chill and think of his family let the police and people do there job don't make it worse than what it is Imagine if it was your family you wouldn't want to hear the bull crap right?
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@babostwick (2037)
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28 Jun 07
I knew it was a hoax right away since it never made the national news. You know if he really did die, there would be a lot of news coverage over this and it would be a shocking day in the industry. I didn't like the Mcmahon blowing up the limo bit to be honest as I felt it didn't need to be in WWE. I'm glad it stopped but not at this expense. It is sad that it had happened though.