this is one to really think about....

United States
June 26, 2007 8:37pm CST
Everyone looks down on anybody who is different then them.A rich man doesnt know a poor man's struggle unless the rich man was the poor man,in which then he will either accept that was him or shun anybody who is in the position he was in.Why do rich kid's joke about kids from the hood or less wealthy kids.How can a government speak so poorly about criminals,then turn around and set the road for failure.Alright look at this for example.I was locked up october 17,2006,charged with possesion of cocaine,however,i was not holding cocaine.I was seen with somebody holding cocaine,yet i got the blame because i wouldnt speak on the name.sent to jail got out on a personal reconasense,put on probation,now probation is the most crooked system in the whole thing i think.What kind of people just suck your money do everything in your power but still they want more.And a week before your free they find something to hold you down longer. Now with police and that whole system they are only trying to use us as job security.think about this. If nobody committed crimes no cops would have a job,no judge would have anybody to convict,no lawyers to defend,no public defenders,no money.Every time a cop takes u in he gets job security.THINK ABOUT THIS PEOLPLE....LOVE ALL
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