I think I shot myself in the foot

United States
June 26, 2007 9:47pm CST
Today I volentered to teach my soon to be 19 year old brother in law how to drive. No one has the patience to teach him how to drive. It's not like he doesn't know how to but he doesn't have much experience and he wants to learn how to drive before he goes for a drivers license test. So, you think I'm doing a good thing or should I be getting myself a helment?
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@bubuth (1816)
• Philippines
12 Feb 12
Having a driving lesson is a very scary thing to do.. I also want to have driving lesson but i think i need more strong believe in my self that i can don it. I want to learn how to drive because i want to service my daughter when she is going to school and i want to make sure that she is safe but before that i must learn how to drive first..
@Cassy1976 (796)
• Australia
27 Jun 07
Good luck matey, I tried to teach my brother how to drive, which was ok when he only travelled at about 10kms an hour but then he started to get out on the road and driving a bit faster and I must admit I found it really scarey!! I will never forget the day he tried to do a hill start and did the biggest burn out in my mothers tiny litte car, I couldnt stop laughing but that was the last lesson I gave him, I left it up to the driving instructor after that!!! He did manage to get his licence recently but I still havent been in the car with him since the day of the burnout
• India
27 Jun 07
You are a good mother and doing the job well. But I think this job is of your hubby. Why is he not supporting you ? Ask him to learn driving to your son. This type of job really requires lot of patience as we have to teach a thing many times again and again. If you have to learn driving to your son, then helmet is necessary for you both. My observation is that while learning driving to someone there is a chance of felling down due to learner. So alwasy use safety protective equipments. This is as necessary for your son as for you. Afet few days of practice your son will be able to drive independently. Before sending for licence test, first you please be sure of his skill. Best of luck to you and your nice son !!