The life I desired

June 26, 2007 10:16pm CST
That must be the story of innumerable couples, and the pattern of lifeof life it offers has a homely grace It falls int the vasty sea; but the sea is so calm, so silent, so infifferent, that you are troubled suddently by a vague uneasiness. Perhaps it is only by a kink in my nature, strong in me even in those days, that i felt in such an existence, the share of the great majority, something amiss. I recognized its social value. I saw its ordered happiness, but a fever in my blood asked for a wilder course. There seemed to me something alarming in such esy delights. In my heart was desire to live more dangerously.I was not unprepared for jagged rocks and treacherous, shoals it I could only have chang-change and the exicitement of unforeseen.
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