MYSORE -the city of Palaces (what to see in MYSORE)

June 27, 2007 2:27am CST
Hey Guys, I have been in mysore for more than 4 months and has realised that the place is so calm and soothing. It has everything that a man want and desires. There are many worth seeing picnic spots and places like Chamunda Devi, Mysore Zoo, White CHurch etc etc and not to forget Brindavan Garden and Mysore Palace. These last two places have fascinated me most. the palace's beauty attracts you towards itself and invites you to explore it. It is vast and huge. The Dussera festival celebration is considered to be best in the INDIA. And what to say about the most famous garden of India "Brindavan Garden". It is the so beautiful and all covered with flowers. I insist you definitely go to Brindavan while your visit in Mysore. hey people, lets share your views about the city of palaces. Also we can discuss about other famous cities here where you have lived quite a good time.
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