what will hapen next

June 27, 2007 4:29am CST
In the last episode we saw that somebody will be dead, but we still dont know who. I read some forums about it and some say that Lock will die and some that Ben or Sawer. I realyy dont think that Ben will die but Lockcould die, but in this tv show you really cant know. So please if anyone have anything to say abt lost i would appricited.
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@MrManUtd (53)
• Ireland
27 Jun 07
Its like Lock cant die cause he was shot and in a hole for days. But i think that the helicopter will come and try to kill them all.
• Slovenia
27 Jun 07
yes that true:) but i really dont know..i guess we must just wait and then we will see....
@dieguh (14)
• Brazil
28 Jun 07
I think that the flash-forward is from an far future, and when the 4 season begin, they will not be rescued, and talking about the jack in the flash-forward, i think that just Jack Kate and Sawyer was rescued, and jack was feeling bad about letting the friends in the island, that´s why he was saying: " kate we have to go back there" that´s my opinion.