Religion Difference a Fatal Blow?

June 27, 2007 6:42am CST
You have a girlfriend/boyfriend. When you introduced her/him to your parents, they diagreed with your relationship because she/he is of a different religion as you. Example: I am Baptist and she is a Catholic. What will you do?
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@asmurthy (2464)
• India
27 Jun 07
I go to my parent tell them our intention of marrying. If they agree it's alright. If they don't i come out of the my parents house and marry the girl i love. It is as simple as simple as that.
@lecanis (16664)
• Murfreesboro, Tennessee
27 Jun 07
I really don't understand the huge conflict among people of different denominations of Christianity, for one thing. While some of the methods of worship and doctrines might be different, I would think the fact that you believe in the same God would be enough to smooth things over. I am a Pagan married to a Christian, so our religious differences are pretty major. Still, we haven't had any real problems in our relationship over it. We talk very openly about our beliefs, and plan to teach our child many paths so that he can make up his own mind. I guess I can't really say too much about the parental aspects, since neither my husband nor I were close enough to our families that it would have been an issue for us what they thought.