stupid criminals (as heard on the radio)

@cher913 (25889)
June 27, 2007 6:55am CST
a lady went into her local police station to report that her car had been stolen. Was asked if there was anything valuable that was left in her car and she said her cell phone...the police called her phone and suddenly she heard it ring! The ring was coming from a little ways away from her at the police station. the phone was attached to a man that had come in to pay a parking ticket...he was quickly arrested. another story was that police were giving chase to a fellow who had seemingly had enough running. He asked the police if he could have a 'time out' (in which he figured he would catch his breath and continue running)...the police said...'sure' the man sat down for a few minutes to catch his breath, the police quickly arrested him!
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@bobbyjoe143 (1287)
27 Jun 07
oh my goodness they are funny... what kind of a criminal pays for his parking tickets in a stolen car??? and what kind of criminal asks for a time out?? surely he would have had more sense than that!!!! some poeple are just stupid i guess.
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27 Jun 07
Thats funny! What kind of person steals a car and then goes to pay a parking ticket? He was going to get thrown in jail anyway for stealing the car. Just curious have you ever heard of Busted on the Job? If you haven't you should it's somewhat personal in nature but I find it hilarious also. It has busted police officers doing things they should'nt have been.