Free Money

June 27, 2007 8:40am CST
About 4 years ago i asked my partner to get my wages out of an ATM machine. I was sick so i knew my wages would be low, so when he arrived home and slapped a huge wad of cash down on the table i was shocked as i only expected him to bring home £50 at the moast, and i had never seen this much money apart from on the television. In the mornig i phoned up my bank to check my balance and it said that was £50 in my account. My boyfriend and i went on a huge spending spree and had the time of our lives. A few months later we were watching the news and we watched a part that said a bank was changing it's computerised sucurity systems and during that time people could withdraw as much money as they liked from certain cash machines and there were no records of how much money they had taken. People who had done the same as us had been arrested. Afew days later we were arested by the CID,My boyfriend took all responablity as i was pregnant. We had to pay back the money and my boyfriend had to do a think first course and probation. Moast of the other people got prison because they got too greedy and took huge amounts. What would you have done?
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