how to improve my english pronunciation?

June 27, 2007 11:04am CST
please i need some advices..thanks!
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@pallidyne (858)
• United States
27 Jun 07
I know it may sound rediculous, but how about watching some British and American TV? There are some shows that are very dialog intensive that could assist you hearing what you are trying to accomplish. I had a friend a few years back that stated he learned a lot of his english from watching American Cartoons as a teenager. It did show inasfar as he used a lot of cheesy exclamations, but we understood each other.
• Italy
27 Jun 07
thanks for your advice! i follow it...
@borg_queen (2535)
• Philippines
15 Jul 07
You could try watching cartoons.
@b_gryl (420)
• Philippines
7 Jul 07
Hi there! You could visit online tutorials so you could improve your english pronunciation. There are lots of tutorials on the internet just search for it.
@Corezz (1017)
• Netherlands Antilles
27 Jun 07
Well you know mylot realy help me improve my english. I read others posts, and theyr replys to that discussion. I am folow new words and use them in my discussion. Before I come to ymlot, I knew eanglish but now I've made it better. Let me tell you a secret :P, I learn english from cartoons and english films. I my country english films where more than films in my language ( romanian ).