Do You Encourage Restitution As A Christian?

@okwusman1 (2249)
Abuja, Nigeria
June 27, 2007 12:57pm CST
A marriage of about 25 years is collapsing due to restitution. After their wedding some years ago, the woman discovered that the husband was impotent, the husband begged her not to disclose his impotency to anyone which the wife complied to but the husband advised her to produce children for him irrespective of how the gets she pregnancy. but the woman had no option than to look for other means of getting pregnant as authorised by the husband. After 25 years, the man totally gave his life to christ and demanded that the woman return the three children she had out of wedlock legally to their actual fathers. Do you encourage such pratise? Who is wrong and right in this matter?
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• United States
27 Jun 07
He needs to take responsiblity for the choices he made as a non-believer. Accepting Christ is all the more reason to keep the children. To turn them away would be cruel. No matter how they came about they children are worthy to be cared for. He should continue to raise them in the love of Christ and be thankful to God for them. He should apologize to his wife and seek forgiveness for causing her to sin. He should take responsiblity.
@okwusman1 (2249)
• Abuja, Nigeria
28 Jun 07
ruthieonart, thanks for your wonderful response. i actually agree with you but the issue is very dicy in the sense that the woman (wife) obeyed and respected him all through, she didn't let the cat out of the bag and two of the children are in the higher institution. Now he wants all of them to be restored to their rightful fathers. According to the woman three of the children have different fathers. the shame is much and i guess the family will be seperated, although all depends on the outcome of the judgement. please advice the woman.