what u like in resident evil -4 pc game?

June 27, 2007 2:51pm CST
hi i just finished the resident evil-4. its very good game.i like it most. what there some drawbacks of it too like gun pointer is not good. what u think about it?
2 responses
@rogerfa (28)
• Vietnam
23 May 08
Re4 is not good Logic. But good in Action. The most interesting is Ada. h aha ha, She is charming
@djah2773 (27)
• Philippines
7 Jul 07
Being a RE fan, it's a great game, but a terrible RE sequel. It's more like a side story than an actual sequel. The change in camera and aiming is a good thing for gamers that are new to RE but it's a letdown for loyal followers of the classic games. Despite the few changes, it's a great game. Great graphics, replayability, and great extras. The PC version of 4 needed patching to fix some issues with lighting. IMO, RE4 is best played on the console. Wii version is the latest with PS2 features but Gamecube graphics, and Wiimote aiming.