How far would you go to get pregnant?

@blondbat (504)
United States
June 27, 2007 3:04pm CST
Personally I can think of no worse words uttered to me than these - "You're pregnant". But admittedly that is me. I am sure there are many, many women all over the world who would think those 2 words the sweetest they could ever hear. I was cruising MSN again and found myself in the "BabyQuest" section, don't ask me how I got there, because I am not on a "BabyQuest"! But that section makes me wonder - how far would someone go to give birth to their own child from their own womb? And how important is it that THEY give birth or have children at all - by whatever means? Since I don't want children, never have and never will, I am just curious to hear the other side of this... I am not judging, I am merely curious... after all someone has to reproduce - it just won't be me!
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