Turning lights off

@anij34 (317)
United States
June 27, 2007 7:57pm CST
Why is it that kids only remember to turn the lights off when your still in the room? Any other time they never seem to remember to turn the darned lights off.
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@wdiong (1817)
• Singapore
28 Jun 07
You know what? I am always having to remind my daughter to swich the lights off too ,lol.( no, she does not do it when I am in the room)I can identify with your feelings perfectly well.
@tina12679 (1126)
• United States
28 Jun 07
This kinna a funny topic to run across concidering my children probualy turn off the lights more then i do. My friend who had stayed with us for a month used to follow behind me turning off the lights i had left on. I just cant sit in a dark room i feel tired if the lights are off so i tend to leave every light in the house on LOL. My kids dont always turn the lights off either and when they are at others houses they have this same bad habbit. The friend that used to stay with us has to inform me everytime i leave my children with her that she had to either go around turning off lights all day or remind then to do so. LOL