Is having TWO children becoming a norm in the world?

@allanf (145)
June 27, 2007 8:51pm CST
I have two little daughters and am not planning to have another child. I find most of my friends are making similar decisions. Is this what is happening elsewhere?
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@shamaj (13)
4 Jun 08
Not everywhere I could say but women who plans perfectly do the same,'coz more than 2 kids might be more demanding physically as well as monetarily. Now a days everything seems to be developing and what we learnt in 25 years, our children learn in 5 years it's amazing and we need to provoke their skills depending upon their interests, so we need to do a lot. If we have 2 kids, it is easier for us to take care of them nicely.
@cerium (691)
28 Jun 07
No. Not everywhere. Only in developed counties, I think, where there is a busy life style for both men and women. Even two is considered too much in some western societies for some families. In developing countries (like mine), the situation is different. Here, the educated tend to have three or four as average, while the illiterates (and those living in rural areas) may have as high as a dozen (or even higher). Some of them may have three or four also, but they are a minority. I think three should be the maximum number for any family in the world. First, because three is a good number. Second, because the planet is getting too crowded. WIth every new person introduced, the number of consumers increases by one, and that causes more damage to the planet. In order to preserve it, we must reduce the consumption, which can only be effectively achieved by reducing the number of consumers. Two is a good choice.
• Philippines
28 Jun 07
I am beginning to think that it my case anyway, and most of my friends' case. This trend is registering in today's society because more and more women are engaged in the corporate world which pose a lot of demands for them. Also, a lot of opportunities like travel and sports have been opened to most women such that their time for child rearing have become lessened over the years.