PLDT landline and DSL package transfer fee....misleading

June 27, 2007 9:40pm CST
This is our situation, we are currently moving into a new location (just a few blocks away). Since we have a PLDT landline and DSL package, I wanted it to be transferred to our new home. I called 171 (PLDT customer service hotline) and inquired about the transfer. At first they said that I will only have to pay 1,200 php for the landline transfer, which includes the DSL bundled with our landline. Then I've decided to go to a PLDT office to formally request a landline trasfer. All my requirements are complete, but then suddenly, the personnel told me that the landline and DSL have separate transfer rates. 1,200 php for the landline and 1,500 php for the DSL. I said WTF!!! Customer Service told me that I only have to pay 1,200 php for both transfers, but now I have to pay 2,700 php? Thats a quarter of my salary......very very disappointing. PLDT pls. wake up!!! Pls inform us correctly so that we wont be misled.
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24 Mar 10
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