Who Really is Patient Zero?

June 28, 2007 1:33am CST
Do you believe it is Sylar? Somehow, I cannot help but think that maybe Suresh was wrong it thinking Sylar is Patient Zero. I have a feeling it is Peter Petrelli.
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28 Jun 07
Neither can be patient zero. The first outbreak of someone with powers has to be atleast one generation before, since it has been heavily suggested than Nathan and Peter's father was gifted, Linderman had powers long before the Petrelli brothers were born, and so on. Suresh's patient zero was Sylar, but Sylar is nowehere near the world's patient zero.
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28 Jun 07
You have quite a point there. You are right that if they say Patient Zero is the 1st to manifest the power then it has to be someone older.... I wonder if they will eventually reveal him / her...is it the boogeyman (Molly's boogeyman) perhaps?