Singing in the shower

June 28, 2007 2:06am CST
I love singing in the shower! Not only no one can hear me, but I get to sing with all my heart. I can't say that I have a great singing voice, but i am not confident in singing with other people around. Do you do this too? Sometimes, my husband and I would sing together in the shower. We would laugh afterwards. It was kinda of fun. When it was my husband's turn to sing, I would playfully throw soap suds at him. Do you enjoy singin in the shower with the one you love?
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• India
28 Jun 07
I too love to sing while showering with very light sound. But I cannot sing openly or in a stage. As my voice is not so good and sweet I do not want to be hooted by someone. Though I try to sing old songs. This is just a part of amusement. I think most of us love to sign a song while showering. Let us wait for friends opinion on this matter.
• Philippines
28 Jun 07
Hahaha. I will definitely look forward to our friends' opinions bout this. Its going to be an interesting discussion. A lot of us loves to sing. What do you guys usually sing in the shower? Do you also dance at the same time?