What memory and motherboard are good for games work in Desktop Computer?

June 28, 2007 4:15am CST
Please help to upgrade my Desktop Computer, because i don't know how to upgrade it for games. What memory and motherboard is the best to choose for good games in Desktop Computer?
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28 Jun 07
hi. pls. post your rigs.i mean your brief computer description here...so that i can make an advice what,which, &how to upgrade your system settings to suit your computer gaming needs.thank you.
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29 Jun 07
I want is only pentium 4. But i don't know what memory, motherboard, harddisk and CD-rom to be brought. So that by desktop is not only for games but also for office works. Also in laptop i want to buy a new laptop but i want it to be used in office work and games. What should be done?
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21 Jul 07
Best computer spex: 1. dual core processor so it won't be too slow if you want high graphics games specially it recquires high RAM. 2. 1 GB RAM or memory so it won't hang up. 3. 256 or 512 video card for griphics games like Genaral or NFO Carbon. When you have this spex, your computer can do multi task from multimedia to business world. It performs fast.
@cecortez (45)
• Philippines
4 Jul 07
I should say you make your upgrade close to future-proof. This means you won't be spending another upgrade for the next 3-4 years. Here's what I think is suited for extreme gamers. You should have at least 512mb of DDR2 RAM. Get a dual core processor. Your board should have PCI-E and must be from reputable brands such as ASUS, MSI, and Gigabyte. Your video card must have at least 256mb of RAM and I recommend you go for Nvidia chipsets made by Inno3D. Why Inno3D? Because they are one of the veterans in the VC production. I also prefer you go for Nvidia cards because their software driver is very stable compared to the ATI cards.
@ebenjie (440)
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2 Jul 07
for games, p4 is much with 256 RAM.Support it with latest GeForce video card with 128 or up memory.