work at home..earn it true?

@maylaine (444)
June 28, 2007 9:35am CST
im really curious about first you will think that this idea is great and very convenient coz you dont have to wake up early just to avoid the heavy traffic and crowded passangers..and most specially you dont have to face your terror boss....but on the second thought it is hard to find which company is telling the truth....coz most of the website ive searched about this is asking for registration fees!!!!!!!! and also the scam about this work at home is so prevalent. Do you guys know any company that offers work at home??? Is there anyone out there who is working at home?? I want to try this kind of job but i dont want to be fooled!!!!!
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@smileonstar (4013)
• United States
28 Jun 07
You are right, there are many scams out there about working from home. However, I am one of them(working from home). You never pay someone that you work for, and trust me dont sign up with anything that they require you to pay up front. Here are some good sites that you can apply for(but some sites require that you in the USA) (usa)
@maylaine (444)
• Philippines
30 Jun 07
hey thanks for the advice...hope i find i good one!
@eashoor (307)
• Canada
28 Jun 07
May.. You sound like you need help. Are you interested in working from home or is this just another topic for discussion? Anyhow, There are valid and ethical home based businesses out there. You simply need to filter out what suits you and what doesnt. I am a work from home mother to be (used to be a doc) and I am quite happy with the business I chose, infact so is my husband. You state you are (iffy) about sign up fees?? This confuses me because a home based business is just like any other business and people seem to be under the impression that if you have to pay a fee to sign up it is a scam. The facts are that those who sign you up for free and promise you riches overnight have a higher chance of being scams than the ones that request an initial fee. In a physical business (like a franchise) for example, you cant start you business for free...It simply will not happen. Having said that home based business fees are much smaller and affordable than frnanchise ones. Simply research the one you are interested in and try the better business Bureau "BBB" they have a good track list of home based business and their records. pheeeeeeeeeeeeeew...Ok, I need a break but here is a valid, sound, easy, small sign up fee home business that has helped many make good income by working part time from home. Hope this helps amg good luck!