Who is your favourite B5 character

June 28, 2007 5:18pm CST
Who is your favourite B5 character. I was a big fan of Ivanova, for obvious reasons at first I will admit, but also because she grew into a strong and very important character throughout the episodes. I also liked Garibaldi, the guy is a Daffy Duck fan what can I say. I always remember the episode where he gets one of the Mimbari (I think it was Delenn) to watch Duck Dodgers.
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29 Jun 07
My favorites were always Garibaldi and Londo, because they always seemed to add a touch of humor to serious situations, but also had very serious character arcs. I also really liked Mr. Bester. He was such a great villian.
29 Jun 07
Bester was a brilliant villain and I was so shocked when I first saw him. I thought OMG its Chekov but he's evil!
• Denmark
23 Aug 07
Yeah I really enjoyed all the episodes where Bester was present. The organization he represents is government, covert, self righteous all you love to hate, and he embodies it so well. And to think he was a "Goodie two shoes" in Star Trek.
12 Sep 07
In Star Trek The Wraith of Karn he betrayed Kirk when he had a worm in his ear!! Always thought he was dodgy! As for the question..mmm it is difficult...as the series progressed and the various changes which each character underwent, my favouritism changed. G'Kar, the embittered, vengeful, Narn, obsessed with the collective hate of the Centauri becomes the archytypial wise man, devoute, reverent, a religious leader coupled with with a warrior heart, the verbal skills of a diplomate and a poker player. Mollari, the doomed romantic of a failing, expansionistic republic, still caught up with the comforting memories of past glories, and is as equally as embittered by the events of the past as G'Kar. Londo hates the passing of Centauri dominance and influence to 'lesser races', and is seeking a purpose in his joke of a position and social standing in the Royal Court. He was ripe for corruption because that was the stock in trade of the Centauri. Vie Coto, the bumbling, socially enepte attache of Londo, overlooked, underestimated, yet able to expand a different side of the Centauri, their true wisdom and compassionate nature, able to give wise councel. The Hobbit of the tale if you will. I could go on forever at this rate... So favourite?..well my jury is still out... If you would like to read more of my thoughts on B5 you can find some articles via my blog site link on my profile here on myLot. Who are you? What do you want?
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9 Nov 07
My favorite character was always Kosh. I just loved his cryptic little statements. When asked by the Centauri Emporer, "How will this all end?", he simply said, "In fire."