I learned a valuable lesson today....

@cwmnet (11)
United States
June 28, 2007 6:21pm CST
I live over 50 miles from where I work. With gas prices the way they are I have been riding my motorcycle more and more. The other day on the way to work I was following behind a pickup truck. I was following at what I thought was a safe distance. I usually ride in the center of the lane because I don't like other bikers or cars thinking that they can share my lane. While driving and thinking about what I had to do when I got to work I noticed the the truck was pulling to the shoulder of the road but not slowing down. When I looked ahead of the truck, I noticed a dead Raccoon in the middle of the road. The driver of the truck must have been a fellow biker. He knew I was following too close to react to the roadkill and was giving me the opportunity to see the animal sooner than I would if he had straddled the animal as any other car driver (myself included) would have done. I learned a valuable lesson. I will leave even more following distance between myself and the vehicle infront of me. What lessons have you learned about driving from an unlikely source?
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