Do You Have Any Dream Job ?

June 28, 2007 11:31pm CST
I would think everyone here has imagined the "perfect job" for themselves. What would all of you like to do that would make you happiest? I would like to be really rich one day and not have to worry about money...then I'd want to do something meaningful where I'd make a difference like some type of charity work in a developing country, or something where I could be a mentor to teenagers... Money motivates me, but only to a certain extent. I just need enough to live a comfortable life. And by comfortable life I don't mean big house, lots of cars, I mean just something conservative. The best job for me though is something I can make a difference, that's way better than making money and hating your job. So let me know abt you now :)
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@Coolgeth (1215)
• India
29 Jun 07
Hi!! Welcome to myLot!! I am glad to hear too want so much..I need money to my needs and money should not be a problem if that case i go to my native villge which is my mother's place and get some land do agriculture..this was my aim at my last age..Before that i need to own and run many software concerns..Oh! i have lots and lots of dreams..I can't say here..LOL..:) Happy myLotting!!
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@tala91285 (1080)
• Philippines
29 Jun 07
I want to grow old rich to the point that I don't have to worry about money anymore. My dream job, eversince I was small, was to study History and get a degree in Archaeology. I would go everywhere for excavations and stuff. That would make me really happy ^_^