people power revolution: were you a part of it???whats your stand???

June 29, 2007 3:11am CST
this usually happens when people in that nation that wants to overthrow their government for some various reasons. hmmm...maybe they are sick & tired of the system. like in a lot of countries... it starts in such a small amount of people rally & then to thousands and thousands and then it became millons like what happenned in the philippines in the 80's and back in 2001+2002??? revolution like these are hard to succeed,just like what happened in china,cuba,el salvador,russia etc...
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• Philippines
21 Mar 08
I was a part of the first one back in '86. I think that it was valid back then. The next one which ousted Erap was ok since Erap was worthless to begin with, and he did not deserve to be president. I think that the calls that we have right now are totally uncalled for since there is simply no legal or moral basis whatsoever. People are abusing democracy, hoping that they who shout the loudest would get what they want without letting the system work. Besides, how could people be sick and tired of a system that is never even allowed to work in the first place.
@chiyosan (30198)
• Philippines
20 Mar 08
no. i do not partake in the so called revolutions that we have had in the past, the first one i was too young to even understand what it is.. :)