How To Prevent Breast Cancer By Diet – Eat Fibre!

@tombiz (2039)
June 29, 2007 3:11am CST
All foods, which you consume, which are derived from plants contain fibre, typically: Cellulose Hemicellulose Lignin Pectins Gums This fibre is passed undigested through your small intestines. The following foods are good sources of fibre: Vegetables Fruits Pulses Nuts Seeds Cereals Research has shown that a high fibre diet can reduce the development of certain health conditions, one being breast cancer. Why Is Fibre Vital In The Prevent Breast Cancer Diet? Including high amounts of fibre is vital in the prevent breast cancer diet because research has shown that insoluble fibre from whole grains, such as those present in wholegrain bread, can delay the development of breast cancer in animals. Other studies have found that this also relates to people, women who consume a lot of whole grains are less likely to develop breast cancer, especially young women. It is thought that young women, whose diet is high in whole grains, are less likely to develop breast cancer than older women. This is because fibre lowers oestrogen levels in premenopausal women, but not in postmenopausal women. Apart from lowering oestrogen, the substances phytate and isoflavones present in fibre are believed to protect against breast cancer. So, to sum up... Including high amounts of fibre within your diet is a good idea to prevent breast cancer. Breast cancer in postmenopausal women is known to be partly caused by estrogen, fibre is known to help the body removed and lower high amounts of estrogen. To prevent breast cancer, it is best to have a high fibre and low fat diet. This is why vegetarians are less likely to develop breast cancer.
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• India
29 Jun 07
Only by eating high fibre containing food you can't prevent br--st cancer or any cancer, but there are certain chemopreventives which can really help. Cancer risk factors are many, not only diet. Also br cancer is genetically inherited more than any other cancer.
@fizzytom (759)
• Maribor, Slovenia
29 Jun 07
Something of a simplistic argument. But a high fibre diet is good for all kinds of health related reasons. Don't you find that we are always being given conflicting information abiut what is good for certain things. Also if we ate everything they said in the amounts they advised wew would be eating all day long and be enormous