Be adaptable in changing the world

Janesville, Wisconsin
June 29, 2007 3:24am CST
How many here want to change the world? I do! I do make it a better place! Oh yeah! Much needed improvements.. etc... Well, We need to be Be adaptable in a changing world We need to look and listen to others around us. We need to know and learn that changing althought it is challenging is not always a bad thing. We need to stop desperately holding onto jobs we hate, and bad influences that we see as friends, when we know they are not true friends at all.. and end and get out of abusive relationship or work hard to make positive changes to turn them into healthy relationships. We need to stop trying the same old strategies, and learn to to think and approach the old issue with a new and clearer approach. We need to also make sure in our changing process that change is not being forced on us or we forcing it on others. We do not want to see stunned looks our our employees or workers. We do not want to see people upstate from their loss of jobs, or by industry downtowns. We do not want to see the look on the faces of newly - divorced people, or the confusion of someone who was forced to relocate. What we want to see is positive change, and good stress and anxiety management, so these changes are not stunning and shocking people. We want to see people more willing and less reluctant to try new and fun activities. We need to look at why change is so scary, and learn to handle it, as the world around us is full of change, and changing is always clearing out old and bringing in new. Why does change frighten us so much? Is is the confusion and difficult in understanding what is happening during the change? It is trying to figure out how to get along through the transition during the change that is scary? It is because it is difficult to readjust to the changes as it happens? Change is scary and frightening at times, but at a point in our lives, we all need to face change in some way.. and will have to learn to be flexible enough to deal with it. The Seasons are always changing, the world is always changing, there is always constant changes going about is that we may or may not know.. It's a big part of life, and yet we all cling to the illusion of it is permanent and set in stone... but we forget that even stones change, and they change alot.. over time, and during certain events. Unwillingly to change bring in a lesson in learning to be more adaptable as then change will force us.. to learn adaptability.. which is a good skill to have, and is the best way to deal, cope, and to embrace change. Learn to look forward to the changes when they may arrive of come, as an unchanging life is very boring, and mundane.. Stop running from change, and stop treating like it is a big problem. We all know old people who refuse to adapt to the new world, they sometimes appear vulnerable when having to deal with things that young people take for granted. Young people also fear new things. When I was a child, growing up I grew up in a foster home although I was one of the adopted, It was always scary when one child left to go home and a new one was coming and going to live with me.. the change was frightening for both me to have a stranger moving into my room, and suddenly becoming an associated sister, and for them to have to come to a strange house, and suddenly not have any contact with anyone from their other life for 30 days.... But yet in the end the change is usually good both the child and their parents grow, and improve their lives and end up either reunited or forced to grow apart for eachothers safety. Yet in almost every case, I had a wonderful time and learned so much about the world around me, and learned to be very friendly and adaptable into how to deal with different types of people, that now live all over the U. S., and in some cases were moving here from different places. One time we had 5 people in a room, and we were all different races and religions. This is what inspired me to set my heart on studying beliefs and cultures... I made a whole bunch of new friends, and even many who are no longer living with us, who still see me as their relative... and still look up to me.. Through all of this I had learned and discovered new activities and improved my social skills, and gained flexibility and grew very adaptable. These are all skills that helped me handle and remain calm in many situations that may have others scared stiff.. as I learned how to cope and deal with many challenges. I also learned how I had to change myself some of it was forced changes at times I needed it other times it was willingly self improvements that I chose to do on my own. Forcing change on yourself sometimes, can be a major challenge and extremely hard, but if it will improve your live it is worth doing, so be strong, and rise up to meet the challenges that you are given. Do not let the challenges crush you into being scared stiff. "Change is a non-negotiable part of living in reality. Like surfing a giant wave, it's much easier to swim with it than try to fight it." - Anonymous However, if you are fighting to stall or stop a bad change.. Never give up! :) - DNatureofDTrain ps. Most of this article I rewords from an email I saved years ago, I do not know the original source is why I did my best to reword it and add my own story for this post.
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