Who are the many artists that have influenced pearl jam?

June 29, 2007 3:56am CST
Who are all those artists who have influenced eddie and friends to make music? And who are those who influence them in writing such great materials? I only know about their great love for Neil young. Do you know others?
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@limalimon (638)
• Mexico
29 Jun 07
Pearl jam had been influenced by a lot of groups like Soundgarden, Neil Young, Green River (ament and gossard was members), mother love bone; some people said that Nirvana has a lot of influence but i donĀ“t think so, because both bands has a similar beginning and different styles.
• Mauritius
3 Jul 07
Well thanks a lot limalimon. this is the best answer I got so far.
14 Jul 07
The Monkeys.