Republican or Demorcrat or something else?

@dfollin (12769)
United States
June 29, 2007 7:12am CST
I personally am neither.I vote for whoever I think can do the job.I have friends and relatives that will vote for whoever runs in that party,without even knowing how they stand on issues.Which way do you like to vote?
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@pallidyne (858)
• United States
29 Jun 07
As you, I prefer to vote the person. I end up splitting tickets a lot of the time, especially when local and federal governments are on the ballot at the same time. Personally, I believe both parties have gained too much power, and are abusing it. This is especially shown in the case of the Presidential primaries, where only one canidate in the last 40 years has gotten the nomination without the blessing of the party elders at the onset of the contest. (For those playing Trivial Pursuit, it was Jimmy Carter. Democratic party elders were furious, as they wanted the public to vote for Mondale.) It's even worse in places like Pittsburgh (where I live) among other cities, where only one party ever wins an election. You end up with a monopoly that breeds stagnation and corruption since the politicians think there is no competition nor reason to be accountable.