Are you careful about what information you give on the net?

United States
June 29, 2007 1:57pm CST
I noticed a person whom I will not name because I do not want someone stalking her or hurting her. I'm just telling you all that you need to be careful about what information you put up on the net. This woman has hurt peoples feelings and has ticked people off yet she is telling her personal info and doesnt even realize she's doing it. I know from the posts she has written that she lives in Arknansas(not going to say where). I know what she does for a living, that she owns houses, and what her boyfriend's first name is. Scared yet? You should be because this is a very real thing that goes on and any psychotic person can find out your information mostly because your willing to give it. Just be careful! Unfortunately for you I am not a psychotic person. I do not believe in stalking or murder or any other type of violence. I am just trying to warn people. This is no joking matter. Please be careful!
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