The politics of Tom & Jerry.

@cerium (691)
June 29, 2007 2:51pm CST
It was a little surprizing to learn that Hitler liked to watch cartoons. I wonder if he ever watched Tom & Jerry, because if he did, he certainly didn't understand it's basic lesson: excessive power doesn't always mean you'll win. Tom is the cat, while Jerry is the mouse. Tom is certainly more powerful than Jerry, while Jerry is obviously smarter than Tom. In most of the episodes, Jerry turned out to be triumphant, with the exception of some episodes which I consider to be a draw (especially when a 3rd party was involved). I have to say that I always had sympathy to Tom, because Jerry always went too far. However, Tom's arrogance is what really earned him one defeat after another; it contributed to all these defeats more than Jerry did. In other words, Tom defeated himself! The likes of Tom are many in real life, however, not so many can be remembered as him. George W. Bush is certainly one of his likes. He's arrogant, and he never learns of his mistakes. He turns from one defeat to another, and he never had a mission accomplished. Here's another leader who really has to watch Tom & Jerry along with his advisors. I just hope they'll understand its lesson. Unfortunately, it's too late.
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