What is a mod chip for a gaming system?

June 29, 2007 4:24pm CST
What is a mod chip for a gaming system? What is a mod chip for a gaming system?
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@mausyo (59)
• Romania
30 Jun 07
Man you really don't know what this things are . You ask people whata Xbox is and what a modchip is. Well a mod chip is a chip wich is put on the motherboard of a console ( Xbox/playstation or Wii and others) and with the help of a mod chiip you can play games wich are not very originaly... let's say they are copied from difrent places. In this way you can play games wich are not buyed from a game shop
@vikkramm (497)
• India
29 Jun 07
a mod chip, be it for the xbox, ps2, gamecube or any other gaming console enables the console to play games and/or dvds from other regions. meaning a US console can then play EU or Japanese games or DVDs which is usually not possible. a mod chip may also allow the usage of CD/DVD-Rs instead of original games. actually installing a mod chip is quite complicated and should only be done by experts as it is quite easy to damage or even destroy the console if one does not really know what he's doing. after all, mod chips are illegal and by no means supported by the console manufacturers. also all warranty is lost if a console gets modified in such a way... by now there are also other means than mod chips to play import games with consoles, such as boot cd's and certains other devices but they might not always work properly. then again...good games should be bought anyway and originals are way cooler in the bookshelf than some dvd-rs...so I don't recommend using such a chip unless one does really have need of it...
29 Jun 07
A MOD chip is an electronic chi[ that is added to th ps2, xbox, gamecube, pxs or ps 1 game console it allows you to play imported games...