how healing touch works

June 29, 2007 4:41pm CST
In our daily life we will in touch with a number of people.But we do not notice any thing chnged in our life due to their touch to us. I heard about power of some people. They have power to cure people by just one touch. Their simple touch on our body makes a change in our life. that is "HEALING TOUCH" We feel something relaxed. But how it happens?. I heard about Mata Amritanadamai at kerala(India). People believe her as Goddes. Her blessings are Her hugging and kissing all the people who meet her. I heard that when she touch us we feel relaxed. I heard about many Christian, Hindu, Muslim and many other religeos Teachers(Not All), Sages, Saints, have such powers. Is that the power people gaining by learning or it is Natural Gift? What is science behind it? Is that the belief or reality?
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