Does Jargon matter?

@draco666 (174)
United States
June 29, 2007 5:37pm CST
When you type or even speak do you use Jargon and what do you think about jargon and slang?
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@rpegan (598)
• United States
23 Mar 08
Using slang looks unprofessional in any setting, and many people choose to forget this as they're browsing the internet. On a web site such as this, jargon is not appropriate due to the wide variety of backgrounds from which users come. In all honesty, jargon is only appropriate in specialized publications such as medical journals or law resources.
@jeanniemay (1803)
• Philippines
23 Mar 08
It would not sound respectable if you use jargon. Communication is a tool for us to understand those we deal with. If you will be using these words or phrases that only you or your group understands, it will not be helping out your audience to whom you want to relay the message. One good important thing is not showing how or what you are good at. It is about making others buy your idea or what message you wanted to deliver. Smiles!
@williamjisir (22902)
• China
20 Mar 08
Hello dear draco. I don't think that it is a good idea to use jargon or slang at Mylot because so many mylotters are not from English-speaking countries and they would find it hard to understand what is talked about if jargon is used in a discussion. You know, a discussion to be posted is for all people to be able to respond to. If it is hard to understand, then they would not be able to respond to a discussion even if it is a very good one. So I think that it matters a lot. Thanks very much for your old discussion and thanks very much for responding to mine.