Today, the iPhone is iReady!

United States
June 29, 2007 8:51pm CST
Although it's a few hours ago, the Apple iPhone, the hyper-hyped invention by Apple that has touchscreen ability, able to browse the internet, able to make telephone calls, view Youtube videos, a cell phone, and anything I can think of the new device, is released today. Although it has its problems, people are lining up for its release, and it costs about the same price as the PS3, another device that people also waited in line for. Are you planning to get an iPhone today or later on, or will you wait until the iPhone gets better features? And for those who waited in line, how did you survive, and was the iPhone worth the wait?
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@sumimasen (644)
• United States
7 Jul 07
I had the opportunity to play with an iPhone this weekend, it was pretty cool. However, I just don't have six hundred dollars to throw around on gadgets. The web-surfing on the iphone is pretty fast, but mainly it's a status symbol right now. I might buy one if the price comes down, but there's also the OpenMoko coming out, a linux phone.
@mymytri (2032)
• India
7 Jul 07
hey Duo.i wanna wait until the iPhone gets better futures.Becoz i bought two mobiles one is for calls and is for connect to internet.I am afraid to buy if they have any problems with .All my money goes into vain.isnt it.So i will wait for somedays.Once i hear that they are successful and have no problems...i will buy