How do you get many responses?

Heart - heart!!!!!
June 29, 2007 9:11pm CST
i see discussions with more thna 40 responsens,and i dont understand i just get 1 or 2 responses.... how do you people do that??
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• India
2 Jul 07
Same here i get maximum ten responses...Now i started commenting on their responses and whenever i see my friend's discussion i response to them surely so that they too respond to my discussion...
@ashadams (18)
• Brazil
30 Jun 07
well,i think u need to have lots of friends,i dont know,but i would love too....hehehehe..................................
@Coolgeth (1215)
• India
30 Jun 07
Hi there!! Initially you must participate in others disscussions and get some good list of friends..If you response to their disscussions they will automatically respond to yours..Your disscussion must be common and should attract eachones attention..also after starting disscussions try to commeent on all your responses to make your disscussoin alive..Happy Postings..Happy earnings..
@ravinskye (8242)
• United States
30 Jun 07
I still haven't gotten that many response either. From what I understand, the more friends you have the better. You figure if you have 100 friends and atleast half of you friends pay attention to what you post and answer, then you have 50 responses, plus any responses you would get from users that aren't on your friends list.