What genres of literature do you enjoy? What books would you recommend?

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United States
June 29, 2007 11:05pm CST
I am in high school, but read anything. I enjoy most kinds of books. The only genre I would shy away from is maybe fantasy, but that is because I enjoy more realistic books, ones that make you think about life. I also enjoy science-fiction of almost any kind. I also enjoy fiction, non-fiction, just about anything. What do you like?This summer I need to do a reading project for school and need ideas of books. I would like to read books that people thought were ruined by the fact that their teacher picked them apart. My brother suggested "Catcher in the Rye" (sorry about the quotes for you English teachers and librarians out there!). A friend suggested "Cat's Cradle". I just hate it when there is a book that I think I would have enjoyed if we hadn't read it in school. (Last year my brother suggested "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley because he said he thought school ruined it, and I thought it was a very good book.) Any ideas are welcomed!
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@puchapox (583)
• Philippines
30 Jun 07
I suggest children's literature. Try Lois Lowry's 'the Giver', George Orwell's 'animal farm' and 'charlotte's web'..I think they all won the newbery medal award (its like pulitzer for children's literature) they're easy 2 read but really good reading materials.u will learn a lot from it.
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1 Jul 07
This is a high school project. The point of it is to get students to read, preferably challenging books, so they wont accept children's books. They dont accept anything below a high school level. Most teachers grade easier if you have read a hard book. People who read college level books generally get higher scores than those who read high school level anyways...
• United States
3 Jul 07
Can't go far wrong with F.Scott Fitzgerald, particularly "The Great Gatsby" or "Tender is the Night". My favorite Huxley novel is "After Many A Summer". You might also like "Fahrenheit 451" by Rad Bradbury.
@kprabhu (439)
• India
1 Jul 07
i always like realistic stories and novels,but i recommended to read Harry potter and leotolstoy which are the best ever i red!