Do you keep or share secrets?

@magica (3710)
June 30, 2007 12:11am CST
How much you value your promise to keep the secret for yourself? If somebody ask you to be discreet, will you struggle with the temptation to share the secret with somebody else...your closed friend, your spouse, your mother...but never mind, you share the secret... And how do you react if somebody promise to keep YOUR secret and later shares it?
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• India
4 Jul 07
To Some of my dear friends i share my personnel secrets,and most of the other, matters that carry lesser importance in value,i share with all my members of my family. Another thing, mostly when friends/relatives utter gossips about others and request us to keep it as a secret i'll pay least of attention to it and in some cases i will directly request them politely, not to share such things with me, as i categorise them and the so called secrets in the Most Unwanted Category.
@aidonia (4210)
• Greece
30 Jun 07
I can share my personal secrets with someone else,friend,brother,husband..etc. But when someone shares with me him secret I don't ever share with anyone else.I don't like if I say something to a person that I trust I learn he told to someone else so I don't do what I don't want they do to me. I'm very good to keep secrets.The people around me know very well these.
@butterfly39 (3907)
• Philippines
30 Jun 07
Yes, with best friends and sometimes I shared secrets with my children.