do u believe in hard work or luck

@nishurs (582)
June 30, 2007 3:11am CST
both for me.............
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@psyche49f (2511)
• Philippines
30 Jun 07
I believe more in hard work...luck is just an icing to the cake...the more important ingredient to success is hard work--whether as a student or as a professional...hard work really pays off..
• United States
30 Jun 07
well..i believe in hard work for sure. and BAD luck! lol since the only luck i ever seem to get is bad luck. a smattering of good luck every once in a while is very very rare in my life so far.
@anjrit (997)
• Indonesia
30 Jun 07
both of them but the hardwork will get the big portion of my believe.It's about our effort to reah everuthing we want .the luck is a final factor of everything tha have we done
• Singapore
30 Jun 07
I believe in 80% hardwork, 20% luck.