A very interesting trip

@student7 (1002)
United States
June 30, 2007 5:37am CST
I want to share a very interesting trip that I just took. I had to go to up to Stanford University Hospital in California, 250 miles from her house, so my mother could make her doctor's appointment for the pain clinic. She has been going up there since 1998. Well the night before, my husband took her car and went into town about 45 minutes from my mom's. As he was coming back, he hit a skunk. Well the car stank and he knew that we had to leave early the next morning. He rolled down his window and tried to roll it back up and it wouldn't go up. Well when he got home, my mom had to park it next door, down wind of us so we could sleep. Well we set off the next day with skunk smell with us. We had a pretty nice trip, with the exception of the smell. When we were done with her appointment, we went back to where she parked, which was in a parking garage and she set off the car alarm. We didn't even know that she had an alarm. We stared at each other that we each set off the other vehicle's alarm. So she put her key in the door and we got in ok. We went to a thrift store to check out and see what they had there. When we were ready to go, she went to open the door and the alarm went off. Well it took us about thrity minutes for us to get everything settled down. We had to take out the fuse and take the cable off the battery. We finally got it done without the alarm going off. As soon as we were done, this crazy old lady just came up and asked us for a ride a few minutes away. Well I got a bad feeling from her and I told her that we were from out of town and that we couldn't. Well she didn't take no the first time and she kept pestering us. I told her and my mom told her that we were having vehicle trouble and no we would not do that for her. She still did not understand, we finally told her that we were headed for home because we were having vehicle trouble. She didn't like it and stomped off grumbling. In this society, you never know what a person is up to. Well we thought about it a little more and we think that the same lady tried to enter our car through the window that my husband couldn't get back up after hitting the skunk. Needless to say that when mom goes back up on July 5th, I am not going with her. Whenever I am with her, we have some real interesting adventures. We just laughed at the whole thing because if we just told the whole story, no one would believe us. We tried to show my husband the alarm and it would not go off after a few tries and he told us that we were taking something strange. Well we finally set it off to show him and made him eat his words.
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@mandala100 (55084)
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11 May 17
Skunks really smell.